Puerto Rico Strong Motion Program archives

It is important to make decisions about building codes required so buildings can be built to resist movements that soils will present when earthquakes of magnitude above 4.0 may occur exceeding critical values of peak ground acceleration (PGA) at building sites.

You will find information about:

    (i) earthquake records that has been detected by Puerto Rico Strong Motion Program since 1998.
    (ii) Stations and instruments description, as well as characteristics of the local geological conditions at the recording sites.
    (iii) Local and regional distribution of geological faults that represent a Hazard for the Caribbean region and in particular for the Puerto Rico Island.

Strong Motion data available as follows:

The data of the earthquakes recorded by the stations of the Puerto Rico Strong Motion Program are available:

    (i) .evt format raw strong motion records
    (ii) .v1, .v2, .v3 processed strong motion records
    (iii) Mseed format raw data
    (iv) Application programs for processing

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