Welcome to the web page of Puerto Rico Strong-Motion Program of University of Puerto Rico, at Mayag├╝ez. We invite to you to explore our web site.

What will you find here?

You will find information on our research projects, strong motion data, researchers and student projects., everything you may need in the field of civil engineering related with earth sciencies: engineering seismology, earthquake engineering, seismology/geophysics/geology of the Puerto Rico Island and the Caribbean Region.

Why the PR strong motion sesimic network?

The goal is to objectively identify and characterize: (i) the ground response, as well as the civil infrastructure response upon seismic loads, and (ii) provide reliable strong motion data to the academic community to enhance the regulations of the construction codes.


Our research projects

Our research projects includes aspects that goes from: (i) deploying/operation seismic instrumentation for monitoring strong ground motions as well as civil structures in the Puerto Rico Island and the Caribbean region, (ii) Applied seismology/geophysics/geology in Civil Engineering, (iii) Application of seismic/geophysical methods for site characterization/local site effects/seismic zonation, and seismic risk studies.

Our Students

Graduate and undergraduate students participate in the Puerto Rico Strong Motion program (PRSMP) in activities related with research, deployment and operation of the strong motion network, for studies of ground motion response and structural analysis of civil engineering constructions (buildings, bridges, dams). More ....

Seismicity in Puerto Rico


To learn the latest earthquakes that the Puerto Rico Seismic Network have detected, follow this link:


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